trick to prevent male ejaculation

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i was just recently informed by a very wise woman on that by squeezing your pc muscles around the penis during sex you can actually prevent male ejaculation.

my question for guys is if you have tried this with a partner what does it feel like?

for the ladies - has anyone else tried this?

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    Mon, March 21, 2005 - 7:46 PM
    no least not for me
    this wont stop the ejaculation any more than sqeezing the base with your hand

    i dont many chicks that can hold this while continueing with the motions
    of sex
    the few who did however made me personaly cum much quicker
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    Mon, March 21, 2005 - 9:42 PM
    Taoist Alchemists thousands of years ago believed if you press the spot just behind the balls the sperm doesn't leave the body and if the sperm didn't leave the body then it would slow down the aging process as you would be containing all the energy of the orgasm within you. so they did this while masturbating. It does work and can higten the orgasm but the sperm actually diverts to the uninary tract and then leaves the body anyway on the next piss.

    The problem with trying it with sex means constant hard pressure while your ass is bobbing up and down and if she is on top it still takes a lot of coordination and for me has never been worth it.
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      Tue, March 22, 2005 - 5:19 AM
      see i herd it as pressing the spot behind your balls(taint)
      would devert the seman into your prostate then driv it threw your spinal colum in a way to feed your body with nutrients it would see other wise

      an event that would happen any way if you were abstenent for a long time

      now i have now idea if this works it just somthing some crazy monk told me years ago
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    Tue, March 22, 2005 - 12:41 PM
    some folks use a firm handsqueeze on the head end of the penis to prevent or delay ejaculation, I've tried it as part of my personal research and experimentation, it does work to some extent, doesn't feel particularly good.

    Not having a vagina, this is what I am told / have read - there are at least 3 bands of muscles inside the vagina - just inside the entroitus, in the middle and deepest inside (nearest the fornix). I am told that you can learn to control those muscles (for example with the jade egg exercises) and can learn contract them independently, thus you could for example accomplish the same thing as the hand squeeze above. I believe this is different from kegelling, which would contract the sphincter muscles around the entroitus????

    If you were doing this during intercourse, the women would either notice that her partner was about to ejaculate, or he would tell her that and they would cease thrusting and she would contract on the front end of his penis. They would then wait until he had regained control / was sufficiently detumesced before he resumed thrusting. You might do various energy movement techniques at this point which would accelerate the detumescence.

    The 'million dollar point" - which is on the perinium where the urethra is accessable just before the pubic bone starts - as others have pointed out, the seminal fluid just winds up in your bladder. I don't recommend it as anything other than an emergency measure, although others may have had a better experience.

    As many folks know, you can cause some very pleasurable sensations in a male by stimulating his prostate, one way to reach the prostate is to press through the perinium at the 'million dollar point'
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    Re: trick to prevent male ejaculation

    Tue, April 5, 2005 - 10:56 PM
    I'm almost positive that this trick won't work.
    If it did, there would be techniques mentioned in men's sex manuals that told us men how to prevent ejaculation by squeezing ourselves by hand.
    There are no such techniques listed.
    Some techniques teach how to squeeze the glans or urethra to block sperm, but these do not prevent ejaculatory contractions.

    If you want your man to stop ejaculation using HIS PC muscle, get a book calle the Multi-Orgasmic Man. There's some very good info there. However, be advised it's not a miracle cure. It take practice and dedication to be able to block ejaculation reliably. If you want your man to be able to thrust fast and continuously like a pornstar, he's gonna have to do "work out" his PC muscle consistently for a long time. Either that or think about his grandma pooping. (And as a man, I absolutely refuse to ruin sex for myself by using distraction to avoid coming. It's a self-degrading thing to do. Bad for the psyche.)

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